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Samson AT-M folding stock for Mini-14 - Black


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The Samson Ruger® Mini-14 A-TM Folding Stock is reminiscent of the one made famous by the hit TV series in the 80s. This stock is made using original casting molds and wood components from Ruger.
WARNING: The A-TM Folding Stock comes assembled and ready to drop-in your original Ruger® Mini-14® or Mini Thirty® receiver, bolt assembly and barrel. Any attempt to disassemble the A-TM Folding Stock by the customer will void the warranty.
The A-TM Folding Stock is the perfect complement to your Ruger® Mini-14®. Using the original molds and wood from the original stock maker, this is not a copy or a reproduction. The A-TM Folding Stock is compatible with most Ruger® Mini-14® and Ruger® Mini Thirty® models
NOTE: The Folding Stock is designed for Mini-14® rifles with serial numbers 181-xxxxx and higher and Mini Thirty® rifles with serial numbers 580-xxxxx and higher.
(Mini-14® and/or Mini Thirty®, heat shield, sights, sling swivel, and magzine are NOT included)
  • Black oxide finish
  • Walnut stock
  • Drop in fit
  • Designed for Mini-14® rifles with serial numbers 181-xxxxx and higher, and Mini Thirty® rifles with serial numbers 580-xxxxx and higher
  • Made in USA
Specifications (Folding Stock Only):
  • Length: 19.5”
  • Height: 5.5”
  • Width: 3.5”
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs.
  • Length: 29.0”
  • Height: 5.5”
  • Width: 2.25”
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs.
Length of Pull: 13.5"
Approximate overall length of extended A-TM Folding Stock and Mini-14® with an 18-inch barrel: 38"

A-TM Folding Stock FAQ

There are multiple small/minor as well as larger parts that make up the stock. Once put together they are not meant to be taken apart – thus voiding the warranty if taken apart. We have highly trained individuals here that do the assembly, using devices made specifically for this assembly process.

Q: What kind of wood is used and how is it finished?

A: We are using walnut supplied by Ruger. The walnut has been sealed, plus finished with 2 coats of polyurethane to bring out the natural beauty and uniqueness of the wood. Due to the nature of walnut, expect variations in both color and grain from stock to stock. Walnut, like most natural woods, will darken over time and develop a deep lustrous patina.

Returns will not be accepted, or exchanges approved based on the color alone.

Q:  Are the A-TM and B-TM folding stocks legal in my state?

A:  There are a myriad of firearms laws around our nation, unfortunately. As such, Samson Manufacturing does not provide legal advice to anyone regarding any state's firearms laws. It would be up to you to learn and understand your state's firearm and firearm products laws. We are not in a position to offer any legal advice.

Q: Will it fit my rifle?

A: The A-TM stock will fit most models and calibers of the RUGER® Mini-14® and Mini Thirty® other than the AC-556 (see below). May not be compatible with the 180-series Mini-14®.

Q: Will my aftermarket magazine fit?

A: Some aftermarket magazines may not fit, therefore we recommend using a Ruger® factory magazine for best results.

Q: How close is it to the original?

A: Cast components are coming off the original Ruger molds and wood is also supplied by Ruger. New production wood is Walnut instead of the original Birch, and pistol grips are Polymer where the originals were Bakelite. The retention screw uses an Allen-head instead of the original slotted head design. Other than that, it is the original stock. The A-TM stock has a length of pull of 13.5” just like the original.

Q: How will the A-TM Stock affect the Classification of my rifle?

A: Installing this stock on your Mini-14® or Mini Thirty® rifle could create a rifle configuration that is illegal in some states. Before purchase or installation, verify with local law enforcement that feature-based restrictions in your state or locale do not prohibit installation.It is the customers responsibility to determine if the addition of the A-TM stock will change the legal status of their rifle in the jurisdiction in which they reside. We make gun parts, not legal determinations. If you live in a freedom-challenged part of the world, please check your federal, state and local ordinances before purchasing.