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Samson Hannibal Rail for Ruger Mini 14 & 30


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Complete your Ruger® Mini-14® , Mini Thirty® or Ruger® AC-556 with this precision machined direct optic mount solution from Samson.
The Hannibal Rail is currently offered for 2008 and later Mini-14® or Mini Thirty®, or 2007 and earlier Mini-14® (in both black and natural gray). NOTE - It also fits on the Ruger AC-556.  Refer to the Ruger® serial number lookup on their website if you are unsure what year your rifle was manufactured. It is very important that the correct combination of Hannibal Rail and barrel type is used. If during installation there are any fitment concerns, immediately stop and contact our customer service. 
Choose 2008 and Later Mini-14® or Mini Thirty® (Black or Natural Gray) if your rifle has a factory flange barrel and a series number beginning with 580 and higher.
Choose 2007 and Earlier Mini-14® ONLY (Black or Natural Gray) if your rifle has a factory straight pencil barrel and a series number beginning with 180 and higher, but not including 580 and higher.
Directly mount a micro red dot forward of the action without the need for a Picatinny rail clamp adapter. The integrated Picatinny rail on top of the Hannibal Rail is perfect for mounting any accessory your heart desires, and gives your rifle a more tactical look.
The included 2" Picatinny rail and QD swivel mount can be attached to the side of the Hannibal Rail for even more accessory mounting options.
The Hannibal Rail accepts red dot optics compatible with the following footprints:
  • Trijicon RMR®
  • Leupold DeltaPoint® Pro
  • Vortex VENOM®
  • C-MORE
NOTE: With the large number of micro red dots currently available on the market, along with any that may come out in the near future, it is impossible to guarantee that every single one will be compatible with the Hannibal Rail. Whether it’s minor changes in the optic footprint, or differences in the optic mounting screw thread pitch, our customer service will do everything they can to answer any compatibility questions you may be having.
  • Hannibal rail 
  • Barrel clamp
  • 2” Picatinny rail section
  • QD swivel mount
  • Blue thread locker 
  • Screws:
    • 4X 10-32 x 3/8 low head screw (2X 2” picatinny rail section, 2X QD swivel mount) 
    • 4X 6-32 x 3/8 socket head screw (2X barrel clamp, 2X micro red dot optional)
    • 2X MR1 pins (Trijicon RMR®, Leupold DeltaPoint® Pro)
    • 2X MR2 pins (C-MORE, Vortex VENOM®)
  • Hex Wrenches:
    • 9/64”  
    • 7/64” 
    • 3/32” 
    • 1/16”
  • Compatible with our A-TM Folding Stock (see IMPORTANT information above for Mini-14® and Mini Thirty® compatibility)
  • Replaces factory plastic handguard 
  • Mounts directly to barrel, allowing the use of most aftermarket Mini-14® stocks 
  • Allows mounting of micro red dot 
  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum 
  • Finish: Type III, class 2 anodized finish 
  • Length: 9.9” 
  • Width: 1.5”
  • Height: 0.7”
  • Weight: 5.6 oz.