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Mo-Sight for Ruger Mini


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Mo-Sight Hooded Front Sight for the Ruger Mini-14/30

Finally! …A quality-built hooded front sight for the Ruger Mini-14 Rifle is now available from the makers of the famous Mo-Rod Barrel Stabilizer.

Constructed from lightweight, high-quality, hard-anodized 7075 T-6 Billet Alloy for reduced weight and superior strength, the Mo-Sight utilizes the same roll pin location on the barrel as the factory front sight, making it a ready-to-fit accessory. For an extra measure of rugged protection, the Mo-Sight is finished with an industrial-grade hard-anodizing treatment.

 The Mo-Sight enhances accuracy by providing the shooter with a pin-point sight picture that does not obscure the target like the thick factory front sight, allowing for lightening-fast target acquisition and engagement. The complete cylindrical hood feature keeps glare off of the perfectly centered ball-type sight post, providing an outstanding sight picture. Standard AK/SKS threads allow the sight post to be easily switched, providing for a variety of sight options.

 Available in natural alloy brushed silver (for stainless look) or satin black.

Fitment Guide

Mini 14 Straight - Serial numbers 181 to 197,

Mini 14 Straight - Early 580 series with pencil barrel.  This model requires that you cut a new roll pin slot on your barrel for proper fitment.

Mini 14/30 Tapered - Serial numbers 581 to present, Late 580 series with tapered barrel

Mo-Sight FAQ’s

Q: What material is used to manufacture the Mo-Sight?

A: The Mo-Sight is manufactured from lightweight, aircraft-quality, hard-anodized Billet 7075 T-6 Alloy for reduced weight and superior strength.

Q: Can I mount the Mo-Sight myself, or do I need a gunsmith to install it?

A: The Mo-Sight was designed for the do-it-yourself rifle owner to install. Installation is not difficult, and a thorough instruction sheet is included, which also covers the removal of the factory front sight.

Q: Can I replace the sight post with a different style?

A: Yes, but we recommend you try the ball-type sight post first. It was specifically selected as the most compatible sight post for the Ruger sight system, and it is especially a nice match for the factory rear sights. The ball-type sight post has standard AK-style threads, and is produced for by KNS Precision in Texas.

Q: When I went to install the Mo-Sight, the roll pin hole did not line up with the barrel slot on my rifle.

A: This indicates a mismatched application. You need to exchange it for the proper unit. Be sure to provide all of the specifics about your rifle to the retail distributor.

Q: When I installed my Mo-Sight, and inserted the roll pin, the unit is somewhat loose. Is this normal?

A: In most cases, this is somewhat normal. The factory front sight is pressed onto the barrel before the roll pin is inserted. The Mo-Sight is not designed to be pressed on like the factory sight, so it will typically be slightly loose with just the roll pin installed. The roll pin prohibits forward creep, and must be well-centered across the top of the barrel. After the unit is vertically aligned, the two set screws may be tightly secured on the underside. Thread locker (medium strength) is recommended for these set screws. The Mo-Sight must be installed with the roll pin and both set screws. Failure to include all three anchor points may result in a unit failure when firing.

Q: Will 7075 alloy hold up to normal use of the rifle?

A: Yes. This extremely durable material is used by other accessory manufacturers. Our hard-anodizing process provides an extra measure of hard-wearing rugged protection, ensuring the Mo-Sight will endure years of use.