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Mo-Rod/ "Blind" Mo-Reaper Combo for Ruger Mini


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Mo-Rod/ BLIND Mo-Reaper Combo
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Buy the Mo-Rod and "Blind" Mo-Reaper combo and save $20 over purchasing items separately + Free shipping!

The Mo-Rod...

  • Dissipates heat from the barrel rapidly during firing.
  • Improves accuracy, tightening up target groups.
  • Provides barrel rigidity and stability, even when the barrel heats up.

The Mo-Rod is simply the best-valued stabilizer/accurizer available for the Ruger Mini-14/30. Its design includes an extra strong 3-anchor-point mounting system, using our no-budge new generation custom Mo-Rod clamps, and our precision “rib” slot connection for the front of the gas block. Professionally milled using 6061 T-6 high-quality aircraft aluminum and 300-series stainless steel, the Mo-Rod fits and looks as if it was designed by the factory. Built from American materials, the Mo-Rod is a quality accessory, and yet the most economically priced product of its kind available. Installation is fast & easy, and detailed instructions & tools are included! The Mo-Rod requires no permanent alteration to the rifle whatsoever. If desired, it can be removed without leaving a trace. Many Mini-14/30 owners have reported fabulous results after installing the Mo-Rod. The Mo-Rod is fast becoming the industry standard for barrel stabilizer products of its kind.

Mini 14 Straight - Early 580 series with origiunal/pencil barrel.  This model requires that you cut a new roll pin slot on your barrel for proper fitment of Mo-reaper.

Finally! …A quality-built precision-designed muzzle brake Ruger Mini-14/30 Rifle is now available from the makers of the famous Mo-Rod Barrel Stabilizer.

The "Blind" Mo-Reaper’s unique lateral port design redirects muzzle gases away from the shooter, providing for superior recoil control. Constructed from lightweight, high-quality, hard-anodized 7075 T-6 Billet Alloy for reduced weight and superior strength, the Mo-Reaper utilizes the same roll pin location on the barrel as the factory front sight, making it a ready-to-fit accessory.

The "Blind" Mo-Reaper’s alternating rows of gas-dispersing ports limit muzzle rise, while maximizing noise deflection. It disperses gas and sound equally to both sides, but will not blow gases downward, thus eliminating the irritating dust cloud when shooting from the prone position. For an extra measure of rugged protection, the "Blind" Mo-Reaper is finished with an industrial-grade hard-anodizing treatment.

Available in natural alloy brushed silver (for stainless look) or satin black.

Mo-Rod/"Blind" Mo-Reaper Combos come with the appropriate 5.5" Mo-Rod with the exception of the Mini 14 Tactical Combo which comes with a 4" Mo-Rod.